Can banks make a profit by investing in the Great Barrier Reef?

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The hard reality is that we cannot expect Australian banks to stop funding mining altogether. The question we need to be asking is – can banks make a profit by investing some of that coal money towards reef-friendly businesses?

MJP EcoArchives‘s insight:

While it might not tell us exactly how the banks will make their return on Great Barrier Investment, it does give a nice insight into ‘impact investment’ which a whole other revenue stream to CSR.  So how far away are we on making this happen?


"the Global Impact Investing Network feel that the industry is “in its infancy and growing”. Experts predict a US$500 billion industry globally by 2019.

In the past, the rate of return on impact investments has been lower than the market rate but, in 2013, it is expected to close to market rates of return."


I would highly reccomend the book ‘Evolution in Sustianable Investment’ – the idea isn’t a new or as fringe as the general public might think. So, how we up-scale it?



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