Press Release: Coca-Cola Enterprises’ sustainability report reveals lowest ever water usage ratio and 15 percent reduction in operational carbon footprint | Ethical Corporation

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“LONDON, May 30, 2013 – Coca-Cola Enterprises … today published its 2012/2013 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) report, demonstrating significant achievements in carbon reduction, water usage and packaging recycling. The company also introduced a new digital reporting model to engage a wider range of audiences in its sustainability journey.


The new report details a number of key achievements towards the company’s sustainability plan, including:

5% reduction in CCE’s operational carbon footprint Lowest ever water usage ratio of 1.4 liters (the amount of water used to make one liter of product) 15 million bottles collected at the London 2012 Olympic Games reprocessed and returned to shelves within six weeks $3.9m invested across CCE’s communities, including active and healthy living programs Portfolio of low and no-calorie drinks expanded through introduction of products with stevia, a naturally-sourced, zero-calorie sweetener 100% of new coolers purchased HFC-free from January 2013″

MJP EcoArchives‘s insight:

These seem like real, tangible numbers here. It seems too often the intention is good but the outcomes are tiny. Maybe we’ve reached critical mass and are on the up-swing to real results. Thank you Coca-Cola. It’s not saving the world, but it’s good news for my Friday 🙂

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