UN Report GEO5 for Business

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Global environmental trends are creating new risks and new opportunities for businesses in every industry. Indeed the transition to a green economy,

now in its early stages, will open up great opportunities for companies that understand the implications of these trends and account for them in their planning and business strategy. Conversely, companies that fail to understand the changes, or that act too slowly, will put value at risk.

GEO-5 for Business is written for business leaders who
are responsible for ensuring that risks and opportunities
are understood, addressed, and turned into long-term competitive advantage for their companies. The report assesses the operational, market, reputational, and policy implications of environmental trends on ten business sectors….

MJP EcoArchives‘s insight:

First up, this 5th Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-5) report identifies 8 Environmental Trends to use to focus on how these effect their group of 10 business sectors – i.e. how this Nature is effecting these Economies.

Trends: Green House Gasses, Severe Weather, Land Conversion, Water Availability, Water Pollution, Biodiversity, Chemical Exposure, Waste.

It’s an interesting collection and terminology. Land conversion is important, and it’s great to see separate recognition of the difference between water quality and quanity. But lets call it Biodiveristy LOSS, not just biodiversity. Interesting they talk about Severe Weather and other effects of Temperature or Climate change, but not the phenomenon itself.

“This is the world that business must navigate, today and into the future. Without dramatic and unexpected shifts in the drivers of these trends, we can expect that environmental pressures such as those noted above will increase throughout the foreseeable future, causing major changes not only in physical landscapes, but in social, political, and business landscapes as well.’

Read on to see what the UN thinks are the implications, divided by sector.

It makes it sounds like Nature – the environment – is just part of business – the Economy. Which is not a new approach, but the sooner this attitiude becomes widspread and mainstream, the more momentum will build for a green economy. Of course, this just adds to one of seemingly billions of reports on similar subjects. Infomation is power, but it will soon be important to see more that just ‘awareness’ raising.

But it’s a comprehensive report, and the emphasis on IMPACTS and outcomes is forward-thinking.

I wonder what you all think of this report, and who else has read it?

See on www.unep.org


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