What can New Zealanders read about Biodiversity Offsetting RIGHT NOW?

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At a time in  where many people think Biodiversity Offsetting in New Zealand is a bit Dead, I surprised myself today.

A colleague of mine is heading into a meeting this week, arguing over the inclusion of Biodiversity Offsetting Policy.

What would I say? How would I prepare? What information would I take?

What’s happening currently in the world of Biodiversity Offsetting right now, that actually matters to New Zealanders?

From the UK:

  • The recordings of the recent BBOP “Net Net Loss of Biodiversity And Beyond” conference in London this month, here . (opinions = possible)
  • Kerry Ten Kate’s latest publication via Forest Trends and Ecosystem Marketplace where they analysed the data from USA and Australian offsetting markets and made recommendations for the UK (outcomes = good), here.

From Australia:

  • This paper on public preference for the design of biodiversity offset policy in Western Australia (opinions = good)

The Whole World:

  • The pending ICUN Policy on Offsets released for comment/consideration/preparation regarding their September conference, here:

But what of New Zealand?

There’s plenty going on the world of Biodiversity Offsetting, if you know where to look. Let me know if you think I’ve missed something important – this offsetting is a group effort.








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