Behind the scenes

I love my work. My work is my life. But there are occasionally things I love that aren’t really about my work.

I love travel. I love Yoga. I love running and road biking. I like still-life photography. I like studying religion. I love reading books on economics. I like hip-hop and reggae. I love coral reefs and David Attenborough documentaries. I love yogurt. I don’t love meat.

And because you can tell interesting things about people you work with, when you know what they like to do outside work, I’ll put some of these things here….

For me, just as much as for you.

David Attenborough's Life Stories

David Attenborough’s Life Stories (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Today is the 24th of June, 2013: I love this piece by this inspiring writer.

The title is a bit wonky, so don’t let it put you off. No matter what you think about blogging – love it or hate it – it’s part of a generation.

Kendal F Pearson, I’m drawn to your collision of music and writing in your blog. And the music you embed. Anyway, I always need more encouragement to blog…even if it’s just for me. The Five Reasons YOU Should Invest More Time Into Your Blog (

  • My latest Favorite Article about the role of science and journalism




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