The limits of intellectual reason, the awesome Andrew J. Hoffman, and why environmental policy is tricky

  Making policy for our environment is tricky. Making it for biodiversity is trickier. There are some parts of the world with progressive, integrated, strategic biodiversity policy. New Zealand is not one of them. Too often we are bogged down on getting the science right. The Devil is in the Detail. We worry because there […]

Calling for more trees

New Zealand has been told we need to plant more trees. Report author, Dr. David Hall is calling for a smorgasbord of funding options, and Ecosystem Services Trading is up there on the list.  If New Zealand to meet international obligations, and secure our competitive economy, we need a greener economy.After the forestry boom days of the […]

The World’s First Ocelot Bank

A friend of mine, Wayne White, was the head of the Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Field office back when wetland and species banking was really taking off in California. Today he works as a consultant to companies from Texas to California, helping them set up banks and programs in areas where there are new species and […]

Overhauls vs. Swaps, and bringing Net Benefit further into the conservation spotlight

Currently, most of the nation’s environmental minds are weighing the positives and negatives of the National Party’s proposed changes to the Resource Management Act. Debate swings between reforming the existing versus re-writing entire legislation. About the only common thread among the increasingly anti-proposal voices is that the RMA, as it stands, is not working for […]

The Beach and The Dam

THE BEACH AND THE DAM What last month told us about Public Conservation in New Zealand … just as the beach-bidding New Zealand public were putting their conservation faith in the perceived strong-hold of the DoC Conservation Estate, the High Court opened the way for DoC to do something other than lock-it-up-and-throw-away-the-key as the public have […]

Better Biodiversity planning paves the way for better Biodiversity Offsets

Even for the most avid, District Planning and council updates can be pretty dry. So try to hold on to your seat for this one… But this Thursday evening The New Plymouth District Council were told that they needed to improve the way biodiversity was identified and accounted for in their District Plan. Luckily, they’re […]

Waterways before Waitangi Day – conservation in our agricultural land

One of the curious and beautiful things about doing business in New Zealand is that every year nothing really happens before Waitangi Day. Just ask an Auckland-er on Auckland anniversary weekend, or Christchurch-ite driving past abandoned Fulton Hogan road works. And so here we are, the first week of February, and I am pondering what […]

The best things are achieved by banking your offsets, not just trading them

The US Govt. officially prefers biodiversity offsets to come from offset banking After years of skepticism and missed targets – and an enormous amount of hard work – the USA’s mitigation banking (their term for Offset Banking) is finally, officially, correct. This month, the wonderful Mr. Mike Sprague from TroutHeadwaters released this press release: The […]