Goldilocks and the International Backwater: Let’s start at ordinary.

I might have been a bit misleading in my last post – it’s not that the Christchurch Rebuild is short on ideas. But presenting you with a blank canvas was the best way I could think of to illustrate my point: Christchurch is the blank canvas that, actually, all of us need to practice building better […]

If you could redesign your city, what would you do?

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. And I typing this from a house that, more than three years after a series of devastating earthquakes, still has boards on the windows and no carpet. The doors don’t line up with the frames. We’re not poor. There are just lots of things round here that haven’t been […]

Credit trading and biodiversity bees: I want more from my markets

We’re no stranger to the concept of Free-market Environmentalism – attach a price to the part of the environment we want more of (say, biodiversity) and buyers and sellers will scramble to make sure there said biodiversity is there for them to buy and sell. Like they say, the chicken we buy in supermarkets is […]

Science+Journalist = how do I explain this?

Important Ideas and an Important Barrier… I’ve just read a great piece by Kyle Hill. I like it because it links to my Favorite Economist, the brilliant Nobel Laurette Daniel Kahneman. I also like it because it starts to tap into why the mix of Science and Journalism takes hard work, and there’s lots to […]

My Friday Love: David Brown on “What’s Wrong (and Right) with Science Journalism”

I dropped out of journalism school. I was accepted to two Degree Programs at the New Zealand School of Journalism at the age of 18. And I dropped out very quickly. I couldn’t sleep at night. I wanted to communicate, I wanted to really understand the details of events and the way our society was […]

MisJP on EcoBlue Blog: “The Debutante, Larry and the Cynic”

As published at the EcoBlu Blog of Trout Headwaters International: “The Debutante, Larry and the Cynic” My review of the National Mitigation Banking Association Conference in New Orleans, 2013. What’s important enough to take through till next year… First-time attendee’s of the NMBA annual conference come to learn about mitigation and conservation banking – it’s […]