The limits of intellectual reason, the awesome Andrew J. Hoffman, and why environmental policy is tricky

  Making policy for our environment is tricky. Making it for biodiversity is trickier. There are some parts of the world with progressive, integrated, strategic biodiversity policy. New Zealand is not one of them. Too often we are bogged down on getting the science right. The Devil is in the Detail. We worry because there […]

Calling for more trees

New Zealand has been told we need to plant more trees. Report author, Dr. David Hall is calling for a smorgasbord of funding options, and Ecosystem Services Trading is up there on the list.  If New Zealand to meet international obligations, and secure our competitive economy, we need a greener economy.After the forestry boom days of the […]

The Beach and The Dam

THE BEACH AND THE DAM What last month told us about Public Conservation in New Zealand … just as the beach-bidding New Zealand public were putting their conservation faith in the perceived strong-hold of the DoC Conservation Estate, the High Court opened the way for DoC to do something other than lock-it-up-and-throw-away-the-key as the public have […]

If you could redesign your city, what would you do?

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. And I typing this from a house that, more than three years after a series of devastating earthquakes, still has boards on the windows and no carpet. The doors don’t line up with the frames. We’re not poor. There are just lots of things round here that haven’t been […]