Written communication – for education and engagement, or for opinion and discussion – is a great joy of mine. But I take it seriously too.

As a scientist I believe that communication is key – science is complicated, yet it’s increasingly important that everyone in all different sectors, locations and walks of life need to understand scientific ideas. As the planet warms and the world changes both us and our children will want to make decisions and form opinions on things like Global Warming, Climate Change and environmental issues like Endangered Species and Habitat Loss.

Scientists need to be able to get the message out there, and non-scientists need to able to have information that is transparent and objective . Everyone needs to be able to have a voice, but it’s hard when people don’t have scientific information that’s accessible and engaging. I’m learning that good Scientific Journalism needs to be un-daunting and framed to be relevant. And I think that it should be enjoyable too.

There are lots of people with good ideas and no shortage of excellent knowledge. I want to help connect problems with solutions, confusion with understanding. So, I think good Scientific Journalism is important, and a key part of the Things I want to Move and the changes I want to be a part of.

And right now, I’m learning how to do this. I’ve posted my work – both published and un-published – on the pages at the side.

I’ve put my work so far below, and I hope someone finds it interesting and thoughtful. And enjoyable.