Update on New Zealand’s Biodiversity Offsets – from the latest Invercargill Workshop

I last wrote about New Zealand’s offsetting market in 2012. Three years later, I’ve come back to a planning workshop led by two of New Zealand’s experts on biodiversity offsetting policy and implementation: Dr. Marie Brown, and Dr. Graham Ussher. I’m keen to know what’s happened recently, and where trends might be headed. Since commencing […]

Goldilocks and the International Backwater: Let’s start at ordinary.

I might have been a bit misleading in my last post – it’s not that the Christchurch Rebuild is short on ideas. But presenting you with a blank canvas was the best way I could think of to illustrate my point: Christchurch is the blank canvas that, actually, all of us need to practice building better […]

If you could redesign your city, what would you do?

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. And I typing this from a house that, more than three years after a series of devastating earthquakes, still has boards on the windows and no carpet. The doors don’t line up with the frames. We’re not poor. There are just lots of things round here that haven’t been […]

Govt walking tightrope between environment protection & need to attract investments – The Economic Times

See on Scoop.it – Nature + Economics While the govt wants to be seen as acting tough on environmental violations, it is also desperate to attract investments amid slowing growth.   EAS Sarma recalls walking through one of Boston’s avenues last year when he visited his son. The former power secretary’s interest was piqued by […]