The best things are achieved by banking your offsets, not just trading them

The US Govt. officially prefers biodiversity offsets to come from offset banking After years of skepticism and missed targets – and an enormous amount of hard work – the USA’s mitigation banking (their term for Offset Banking) is finally, officially, correct. This month, the wonderful Mr. Mike Sprague from TroutHeadwaters released this press release: The […]

Cautionary Tales and Real Stories – What else does the latest USACE Memo tell us?

Amongst the annoying Job Advertisements and links to questionably-relevant internet articles, LinkeIn occasionally incubates a little Gem. Those in the Mitigation Industry – be it Endangered Species or Wetlands – might be just as interested as I in the elegant discussion concerning the US Army Corps’ of Engineers’ recent memo. I like to share. The […]

Still beauty in science, and the Ibis’ Migration.

At a time where it would seem that science seems to offer more problems than solutions – think natural gas fracking, stem cells, genetically modified crops and the Hadron Collider – I want some optimism. And this week there is some such optimistic reason, for me at least, to celebrate what is still possible from […]

Nothing to say about a 4(d) Rule Proposal? How about the Lesser Prarie Chicken?

Comments closed last week on a US Fish and Wildlife proposal regarding measures to conserve, and potentially list, the Lesser Prairie Chicken (LPC). The bureaucratic wheels of policy process aren’t to everyone’s interest, but those who were savvy might have taken the time to comment while they could. 23, 773 people and organizations did, including […]

Science+Journalist = how do I explain this?

Important Ideas and an Important Barrier… I’ve just read a great piece by Kyle Hill. I like it because it links to my Favorite Economist, the brilliant Nobel Laurette Daniel Kahneman. I also like it because it starts to tap into why the mix of Science and Journalism takes hard work, and there’s lots to […]

‘Take’ or not to ‘Take’ – the Kaantz Decision and Mitigation Banking

Now Published on Ecosystem Marketplace Mitigation Mail, and At a time where the mitigation banking industry is looking to cement it’s place as the gold standard of wetland compensation, this week’s Supreme Court decision in Florida’s Koontz v St Johns River Water Management District decision is not all good news.  Although the Corps issued […]

Getting More Of A Good Thing? California Introduces New Law on Conservation Banking

Published just now on Ecosystem Marketplace: My article on the new CA Conservation Banking Legislation… New legislation from California on conservation banking could invigorate the state’s long-running but stagnate industry and serve as a framework for other states and even at the national level. But the conservation banking sector is in disagreement over if the […]

My Friday Love: David Brown on “What’s Wrong (and Right) with Science Journalism”

I dropped out of journalism school. I was accepted to two Degree Programs at the New Zealand School of Journalism at the age of 18. And I dropped out very quickly. I couldn’t sleep at night. I wanted to communicate, I wanted to really understand the details of events and the way our society was […]