My name is Jemma Penelope; a New Zealand writer, researcher and scientist working in private sector conservation in New Zealand and the USA.

I specialise in research and analysis, and project management in aid of Moving Things in the world of Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation.

I’m passionate about Biodiversity and Ecological Economics, and feel strongly about the role of communication in Science, and environmental conservation in particular. Therefore, writing and journalism have been part of my professional and recreational life for some time.


Please take a look at the professional information, such as my CV and References, or see the skills and experience under Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability I offer to employers, consultancies and project groups.

Do also find a record of my published writings, as well as blogs and other social media contributions I make in the area of biodiversity, offsetting and mitigation, environmental markets and other private-sector conservation policy arenas.

Finally, please contact me here, at jemmapenelope at gmail dot com, via twitter, LinkedIN or on my blog here to share information, or enquire how I can collaborate with you.




If I had to pick two most important pieces of writing to me – it’s not coincidence there is a opinion piece by a journalist, and an Journal article by a Scientist.

Science Journalism and the Inner Swine Dog

5 November 2012 by Jalees Rehman,


Of the Blog: The Next Regeneration – Divide and Differentiate


Ecology, politics and policy

John Lawton

Article first published online: 13 APR 2007

DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2007.01315.x



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