Biodiversity and Environmental Offsetting

Biodiversity and Environmental Offsetting are my core professional focuses, yet I bring a broad skill and experience base to the Environmental Policy, Project Management and Consulting sectors.

I work in the capacity of a consultant, a member of contract-based project teams, or as long-term staff member of institutions or companies in the private or government sector.

My experience covers:

  • A strong knowledge base in environmental sustainability including biodiversity conservation strategy, and planning and sustainable development tools.
  • Research and advisory experience covering ecology, urban development, sustainability and the business case, and legislative environments.
  • Mitigation and environmental offsets, including biodiversity conservation and carbon management.
  • Engaging with diverse stakeholders and interdisciplinary teams.
  • Professional focus on policy and strategy development

My skills include:


  • Effective communication (written and oral) and applying research to enhance communicating strategy.
  • Program and project implementation, monitoring, and development
  • Building professional knowledge and industry networks
  • Research in New Zealand’s natural resource management policy, legislation including the RMA/LGA and governing frameworks for environmental sustainability.

I’ve worked with companies in the USA in project development, and sales and marketing, including market analysis and data management.

I’ve worked with companies in New Zealand to provide business support and Project Management.

I’ve worked as a remote consultant for people from around the world. Working remotely has given me an objectivity, flexibility and independence that’s been real strength to the business case of the companies and organisations I have worked with.

In my corporate experience I have developed a knack for market and data analysis, finding the information and data resources for a specific project, report or business direction. In addition to research, I’m able to advice and communicate to staff, shareholders, clients, investors  and regulators – because communication is the real key to providing quality research and data that Moves Things.

With my Post-Graduate studies I have the statistical skills, and the scientific insight mind-set to be detail oriented and comprehensive. My love of ecology comes through in my ability to provide connectivity and context for the information and data I work with. I can connect divergent ideas, and create a network of information to for better problem-solving, or better problem-identification as the case may be. Communication, collaboration and conservation – I bring this to each element of my work.

I’d love to talk to you about any and all of these points, and discuss how I can bring these skills to your project, department or organisation. I look forward to hearing from you.


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